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Margaret Shaida

The Legendary Cuisine of Persia by Margaret Shaida

Margaret Shaida Introduction The Legendary Cuisine of Persia by Margaret Shaida is a thoughtful and well crafted book by one of the world’s leading cookbook authors. Margaret Shaida was born in the United Kingdom in 1935 but married an Iranian, Hassan Shaida and went to live in that country for […]

Land of Plenty

Land of Plenty: A Treasury of Authentic Sichuan Cooking by Fuchsia Dunlop

Land of Plenty – Introduction Land of Plenty : A Treasury of Authentic Sichuan Cooking by Fuchsia Dunlop is an important book partly because it is written by someone who is clearly passionate about the subject. Fuchsia Dunlop spent time learning to master this cuisine at the Sichuan Institute of […]

Stephanie Alexander

The Cook’s Companion by Stephanie Alexander

Stephanie Alexander – Introduction The Cook’s Companion by Stephanie Alexander is one of those truly great cookbooks that rank alongside The Joy of Cooking and La Bonne Cuisine. Many people write about food, but there are few true food writers. Only a handful combine a deep understanding of and appreciation […]

Simple French Food by Richard Olney

Simple French Food by Richard Olney

Simple French Food – An Introduction Simple French Food by Richard Olney is a thoughtful, erudite and compelling book from one of the greatest food writers of the last century. Olney’s passion for French food and for simplicity in preparation and presentation shines through every page. Richard Olney deserves his […]

Dreamin' Man Logo
Paris / Coffee

Dreamin’ Man: Amazing Coffee

Dreamin’ Man : Introduction Dreamin’ Man is a tiny venue with only a few tables and stools, but it serves some of the best pour-over coffee and espresso cups in the city. It is only a few minutes walk from the Place de la République in the rue Amelot which […]

Zuni Cafe by Judy Rodgers

The detailed Zuni Cafe Cookbook by Judy Rodgers

Background to Zuni Cafe Judy Rodgers launched the incredibly detailed The Zuni Cafe Cookbook in 2002 and it became an instant success. Foodies everywhere immediately realised that this was a very significant and important publication. Zuni Cafe is a special place for us. It was established in 1979 by Billy […]

Chez Serge Carpentras

Chez Serge: Great Food in Carpentras

Carpentras Chez Serge is a restaurant in Carpentras, a town that takes a while to fully understand due to its age and recent expansion. There is a central old part of the town with its narrow streets and ancient buildings. This is a very old town as it was mentioned […]

Ester from the outside

Ester Restaurant: Great food, convivial atmosphere

Introduction to Ester Ester in the inner Sydney suburb of Chippendale is the perfect package. Beautifully cooked food, attentive service, interesting wines and a pleasant, understated space combine to make dining here a very enjoyable experience. The chef is Mat Lindsay whose cooking we first experienced (and thoroughly enjoyed) at […]

Path Tokyo

Path: Great pastries in Tokyo

Path is a small, yet inviting, restaurant in the Shibuya district of Tokyo that serves the most amazing pastries and coffee in the mornings along with more substantial fare so that you can have a satisfying breakfast, lunch or dinner here. The croissants and pain au chocolat are next level […]

Dutch Baby with savoury toppings

Dutch Baby pancakes: Great for Breakfast

A Dutch Baby or Dutch Pancake is made from a simple mixture of flour, eggs and milk. However, it looks spectacular when it emerges from the oven.