Tortoise Espresso

Tortoise Espresso – Amazing Coffee

Tortoise Espresso – Introduction During a brief trip to the Victorian area around Castlemaine, Daylesford and Hepburn Springs, one of the biggest surprises was a tiny coffee “hole-in-the-wall” in Castlemaine where the selection of single origin coffee options was as good as anything we have seen in Sydney, Melbourne or […]

Breakfast / Coffee / Lunch / Sydney

Piña Potts Point – Great Breakfasts

PIÑA Potts Point – Introduction PIÑA Potts Point is a real machine! The queue on a Saturday morning when we arrived in the pouring rain was extensive with everyone waiting patiently for their turn. The coffee beans are sourced from Mecca (we enjoyed both the espresso and the filter), the […]

Canberra / Coffee

Bedst – Great coffee

Bedst – Introduction Bedst is a relative newcomer on the canberra coffee scene which unashamedly promotes coffee beans roasted in Nordic countries such as Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Their reasoning is that these countries tend to produce roasted beans that lead to bright, light, vibrant cups of coffee rather […]


Sant ‘Eustachio – Great Coffee

Sant ‘Eustachio – Introduction Sant ‘Eustachio is THE place to head for both coffee and for people watching when you are in Rome. They are very serious about their coffee here with only the best Arabica varities on offer. They have been open continuously since 1938, so are heading towards […]

Disciple Roasters
Coffee / Melbourne

Disciple Roasters – An amazing coffee venue

Disciple Roasters – Introduction Disciple is a very recent discovery for us, however it is likely to become a place we visit on every one of our frequent trips to Melbourne. You will find Disciple Roasters in a back street in Brunswick and it is only a short drive from […]

Saint Romain Coffee
Coffee / France

Saint Romain Coffee – Perfect Offerings!

Saint Romain Coffee – Introduction Saint Romain Coffee is one of the world’s tiniest, most discrete coffee roasters and cafés. One table for two where you can drink a coffee (from @laylat.lay and Svante’s beautiful cups) or you can also drop by to buy some of Matt McClune’s organic Ethiopian […]

Miller + Baker Perth
Coffee / Perth

Miller + Baker – Strong baking and coffee program

Miller + Baker – Introduction Miller + Baker is the first time we have written a story about a place that is both a flour mill and an excellent café and coffee house. Miller + Baker is a place that exudes a friendly atmosphere while, at the same time, being […]

Deep Coffee Marseille
Marseille / Coffee

Deep – Fantastic Coffee in Marseille

Deep in Marseille – Introduction In our story about coffee called The Fascinating Story of Coffee we wrote about how France has been very slow to embrace premium coffee. We proposed a couple of reasons that included their colonial history where many of the countries they occupied grew the less […]

Coffee cherries
Coffee / Articles

Coffee – A Fascinating Story

This story explores the fascinating world of coffee right up to the time that the liquid is poured into your cup and you smell the aromas of the now ground beans and enjoy the taste and the effect of the caffeine entering your bloodstream. But first we must explore where […]

Cartel Brew Bar

Cartel Coffee – Great Coffee in Geelong

Cartel Coffee – Introduction Cartel Brew Bar is our ‘go-to’ place in Geelong (and now also in Melbourne) for excellent coffee. Under the leadership of Nathan Johnston the staff are very passionate about their coffee here and always have a freshly roasted single origin variety available. They also serve tasty […]