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Saint Romain Coffee – Perfect Offerings!

Saint Romain Coffee – Introduction

Saint Romain Coffee is one of the world’s tiniest, most discrete coffee roasters and cafés.

One table for two where you can drink a coffee (from @laylat.lay and Svante’s beautiful cups) or you can also drop by to buy some of Matt McClune’s organic Ethiopian coffee beans.

As he explained to us, Ethiopia is the home of coffee and there is more than enough to learn about the coffee beans he sources from there without needing to look more widely. His inquisitiveness, a trait shared with some winemaking friends, is what will ensure this place becomes even more interesting over time. Such a delightful visit – one we hope to repeat again and again.

Not only tiny and discrete, it’s hours are limited too. It is only open on Monday and Tuesday – a new constraint when planning our future French itineraries.

Additional information

Name: Saint Romain Coffee Co

Street: 28 Rue de Tartebouille

Town: Saint-Romain, 21190

Telephone: +33 6 81 47 83 30

Opening hours: Mon – Tue 9am – 6pm – check for latest hours

You can read more about Saint Romain Coffee Co here. We have also included it in our story about good places to eat and drink outside Paris here, as this venue is well worth a diversion!

We have recently noticed that this venue might have changed the opening hours, so it is probably a good idea to check their Web site for the latest!