Acquerello Rice for Risotto
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Rice for Risotto – Perfect Rice Varieties

Rice Types – Introduction When we are choosing the rice for risotto, our thoughts turned to the massive topic of rice and its place in the cuisines of the world recently when we opened a packet of vacuum-packed Carnaroli rice from Acquerello in Piemonte, Italy. One of the discussions was […]

Recipes of all Nations

Pudim de Noses: Delicious Walnut Pudding from Portugal

Walnut Pudding – Where we found the recipe This recipe for a Walnut Pudding is one derived from a book called Recipes of All Nations written by an enigmatic figure who called herself “Countess Morphy”, although her surname was actually Hincks and she almost certainly wasn’t a Countess. She possibly […]

Chinese Pearl Meatballs Cooked

Chinese Pearl Meatballs – A Perfect Snack

Chinese Pearl Meatballs – Introduction We have always been great fans of the book entitled Chinese Gastronomy by Hsiang Ju Lin and Tsuifeng Lin with some extra commentary from father/husband Lin Yutang who was an important Chinese scholar and author. He also collaborated with his wife and daughter on some […]

Dutch Baby with savoury toppings

Dutch Baby pancakes: Great for Breakfast

A Dutch Baby or Dutch Pancake is made from a simple mixture of flour, eggs and milk. However, it looks spectacular when it emerges from the oven.