Foodtourist – Our exciting food and drink experiences

Foodtourist – An Introduction Welcome to Foodtourist where the stories are written by Sue Dyson and Roger McShane who have travelled the world for forty years discovering interesting dishes, exciting restaurants and enticing drinks. It is important for us to make clear what Foodtourist is about. First we will tell […]

Acquerello Rice for Risotto
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Rice for Risotto – Perfect Rice Varieties

Rice Types – Introduction When we are choosing the rice for risotto, our thoughts turned to the massive topic of rice and its place in the cuisines of the world recently when we opened a packet of vacuum-packed Carnaroli rice from Acquerello in Piemonte, Italy. One of the discussions was […]

Foodtourist Top Fifty French Provincial Cooking
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The Foodtourist Top Fifty Memorable Cookbooks

Introduction to the Foodtourist Top Fifty Cookbooks The following list is our compilation of the Foodtourist Top Fifty cookbooks that we think have contributed to a better understanding of cooking and cuisines. The Foodtourist Top Fifty an idiosyncratic list because we want to delve into all sorts of culinary nooks […]

Coffee cherries
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Coffee – A Fascinating Story

This story explores the fascinating world of coffee right up to the time that the liquid is poured into your cup and you smell the aromas of the now ground beans and enjoy the taste and the effect of the caffeine entering your bloodstream. But first we must explore where […]