The Art of Eating

The Art of Eating by Ed Behr

The Art of Eating – Introduction The Art of Eating by Ed Behr is a compilation of his fascinating articles from the long-running newsletter (the subtitle to this book is The First 25 Years) that we have subscribed to for many years. The range of topics he and his co-writers […]

Provence - The Beautiful Cookbook
Cookbooks / France / Provence

Provence – The Beautiful Cookbook

Provence – The Beautiful Cookbook – Introduction Provence – The Beautiful Cookbook by Richard Olney is a ‘coffee table’ book that looks good but also contains solid, well-structured recipes that capture the essence of Provence. We normally overlook ‘beautiful’ books because they often fail to deliver rigour and authenticity, however […]

Commander's Kitchen
Cookbooks / United States

Commander’s Kitchen by Ti Martin and Jamie Shannon

Commander’s Kitchen – Introduction First, we need to tell you something about the Commander’s Palace restaurant before delving into the book. Commander’s Palace is a restaurant that made us change our mind about Creole food in New Orleans. This restaurant is very special. It is large, it is expensive, it […]

Taste of Portugal

The Taste of Portugal by Edite Vieira

The Taste of Portugal – Introduction The Taste of Portugal by Edite Vieira is a classic survey of Portuguese cuisine published by British specialist Grub Street. Vieira provides us with a context for each of the recipes as well as a good survey of the history of Portuguese food. This […]

French Regional Cooking
Cookbooks / France

French Regional Cooking by Jean Ferniot

French Regional Cooking – Introduction French Regional Cooking teeters on the edge of being a “coffee table book” but is dragged back by having detailed recipes for many of France’s best dishes from across the country, with some of the more remote areas being well-represented. It was first published in […]

Bar Tartine
Cookbooks / San Francisco / United States

Bar Tartine by Nicolaus Balla and Cortney Burns

Bar Tartine – Introduction Bar Tartine has been a very successful venture in San Francisco, and although it closed in 2016 many customers still remember the amazing food that was created here by the authors of this book. We particularly like this book because it concentrates on techniques rather than […]

Country Cooking of France
Cookbooks / France

The Country Cooking of France by Anne Willan

The Country Cooking of France – Introduction We have a number of books on the country cooking of France and we have included two in this Top Fifty Cookbooks survey. What we are looking for is first of all authority – in other words, does the author have a deep […]

Marco Canora Salt to Taste

Salt to Taste by Marco Canora

Salt to Taste by Marco Canora – Introduction Salt to Taste by Marco Canora is a welcome addition to our cookbook collection. It reveals the passions and techniques of one of New York’s most talented chefs whose work we have admired for many years. In fact, the meals we have […]

Baking with Passion

Baking with Passion by Dan Lepard

Baking with Passion – Introduction Baking with Passion is an important book because it carefully describes the techniques required to create great breads, cakes and pastries. The recipes are sourced from the London specialty bread shop Baker and Spice and have been tested and tuned by master bakers Dan Lepard […]

Flavors of Puglia
Cookbooks / Italy

Flavors of Puglia by Nancy Harmon Jenkins

Flavors of Puglia – Introduction Nancy Harmon Jenkins has produced an excellent survey of the foods and customs of the Puglia region of southern Italy. Flavors of Puglia is characterised by beautiful writing: “The mimosas flowered earliest, fuzzy yellow pellets cascading in great clusters from high, supple branches, quickly followed […]