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Manat – Serious food and wine

Manat in Perpignan – Introduction Manat in Perpignan is a seriously good restaurant in Perpignan run by Yuka Okugawa and Marc Meya who have cooked together in both Japan and France and now run this very popular restaurant in the centre of Perpignan. As can be imagined from the first […]

Septime la Cave
France / Paris

Septime la Cave – Memorable Venue

Septime la Cave – Introduction Septime la Cave is a small, sparse bar and cave quite close to its mothership Septime. It serves a short, but nicely conceived list of wines by the glass at very reasonable prices, or you can buy a bottle from the shelves that line two […]

Richard Olney’s – Provence: The Beautiful Cookbook

Richard Olney’s – Provence: The Beautiful Cookbook

Richard Olney’s Provence Cookbook Provence: The Beautiful Cookbook by Richard Olney is a ‘coffee table’ book that looks good but also contains solid, well-structured recipes that capture the essence of Provence. We normally overlook ‘beautiful’ books because they often fail to deliver rigour and authenticity, however Richard Olney was incapable […]

Natural wine bar

Natural wine bars to visit in France

French natural wine bars – Introduction We get so many requests for information about natural wine bars to visit in France that we thought it might be useful to summarise our thoughts about places to visit when you are touring around this great country. Here are a few of our […]

Bar Heather – Charming Byron Bay Restaurant
Australia / New South Wales

Bar Heather – Charming Byron Bay Restaurant

Bar Heather – Introduction We have been following the career of Ollie Wong-Hee for some time now. Ollie cooked at various locations in Hobart and we also experienced food by he and Luke Burgess when they did a pop-up in Arles in southern France some years ago. Ollie has also […]

New South Wales
Australia / New South Wales

New South Wales – Best eating and drinking outside Sydney

Introduction to New South Wales dining Sydney in New South Wales is a great place to eat – there are just so many wonderful restaurants and bars and places to enjoy serious coffee. However, there are many places outside the Sydney metropolis where you can also enjoy great food and […]


Rokurinsha (Tokyo Station) – Stunning Tsukemen

Rokurinsha – Introduction Rokurinsha at Tokyo Station has queues lining up prior to opening time for a reason – the tsukemen is some of the best in town. Beautiful, chewy noodles served with sliced pork, deeply-flavourful stock and a topping of bonito power makes for a very satisfying lunch. Get […]


Poly – An Inviting Venue

Poly – Introduction Poly is an exciting spin-off from one of our all-time favourite restaurants, Ester. Situated on the edge of the Sydney suburb of Surry Hills, this casual bar is a perfect place to drop in for a drink, a snack or a series of snacks that can be […]

Clown Bar
France / Paris

Clown Bar – Great Food and Wine

Clown Bar – Introduction The Clown Bar is both a bar à vins and a restaurant with a tiny kitchen in the 11th arrondissement in Paris. The food is stunningly good and the wine list beyond interesting with an excellent range of natural wines.To understand the Clown Bar it is […]

France / Paris

Substance – Stunning coffee

Substance – Introduction Substance is a very good café and place to enjoy a serious coffee in Paris. Their coffee beans are sourced from a number of countries including Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama and Ethiopia (that we have seen on the menu). They also always seem to have the Geisha […]