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Canberra – Best food and drinks

Canberra – Introduction We recently returned to Canberra after a long break and were delighted with the food, wine and coffee scene there. For the past three decades we spent a lot of time in here for our IT projects and enjoyed the food scene in our national capital. On […]


Foodtourist – Our exciting food and drink experiences

Foodtourist – An Introduction Welcome to Foodtourist where the stories are written by Sue Dyson and Roger McShane who have travelled the world for forty years discovering interesting dishes, exciting restaurants and enticing drinks. It is important for us to make clear what Foodtourist is about. First we will tell […]

Bar Rochford

Bar Rochford – Exciting Venue

Bar Rochford – Canberra Institution Bar Rochford has become an institution in the city of Canberra in the relatively short time it has been here. For many years in the 1990s and the 2000s we regularly flew to Canberra for our work in the IT trade when we were working […]

New South Wales

Bar Superette – Great Hospitality

Bar Superette – Introduction One of the most enjoyable things associated with importing natural wines into Australia relates to the people we meet and the places we visit as part of our work. Over the many years that we have been importing natural wines we have travelled the world looking […]


Sant ‘Eustachio – Great Coffee

Sant ‘Eustachio – Introduction Sant ‘Eustachio is THE place to head for both coffee and for people watching when you are in Rome. They are very serious about their coffee here with only the best Arabica varities on offer. They have been open continuously since 1938, so are heading towards […]


Rafa’s – Amazing Seafood

Rafa’s – Introduction Rafa’s is one of the most enjoyable places we have visited for fresh, vibrant seafood, cooked simply but perfectly. When we arrived here in north-eastern Spain in the city of Roses, we were met by the owner who told us that “we only have seafood”. We assured […]


Lumen People – Relaxed Venue

Lumen People – Introduction Lumen People is Emma Sheahan and Marichi Clarke’s bright, cheery venue in North Melbourne where you can drop in at any time of day for a coffee, a snack or a full meal. We have now tried a daytime snack, an evening meal and have just […]


Muni – Fascinating food and wine

Muni – Introduction There are some restaurants where the first thing we discuss on leaving the venue is how we can organise ourselves to return as soon as possible. Muni is such a restaurant! What is it that makes us driven to return? Almost always it is the quality of […]


LOC Bottle Bar- A Captivating Venue

LOC Bottle Bar – Introduction LOC Bottle Bar in Adelaide is a wine bar, wine shop and cafe that is one of the most welcoming venues for hospitality staff and those seeking interesting natural wines and perfectly cooked food. It is only tiny with three small tables inside, but on […]

Elementary Coffee

Elementary Coffee – Great Coffee and Service

Elementary Coffee – Introduction When we visit the lovely city of Adelaide we obviously scope out our coffee options and Elementary Coffee is usually our place of choice due to the focus on single origin beans from reputable suppliers that we always find there. It is centrally located in Young […]