The Art of Eating by Ed Behr

The Art of Eating – Introduction

The Art of Eating by Ed Behr is a compilation of his fascinating articles from the long-running newsletter (the subtitle to this book is The First 25 Years) that we have subscribed to for many years.

The range of topics he and his co-writers have addressed during that 25 years has been particularly impressive and he never talks down to his audience but instead takes you on an in-depth journey into an area he finds interesting.

The topics range from breads (including farinata and schiacciata which we address in the full review), charcuterie (including the lovely rillons that we enjoy when in the Loire Valley), soups (including the delicious mussel soup called “billy by”) and a recipe for pasta and polenta (including a recipe for a walnut sauce).

There is also a lengthy vegetable section which includes a technique for stuffed cabbage and a recipe for zucchini pudding, a meat section that includes a discussion of one of our favourite dishes from Alsace, namely Choucroute and finishing off with a dessert section that includes a recipe for Pound Cake that derives from the many recipes published in the 18th Century cookbooks of England.

We have chosen The Art of Eating as one of our Foodtourist Top Fifty Cookbooks.

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The Art of Eating by Ed Behr