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Miller + Baker – Strong baking and coffee program

Miller + Baker – Introduction

Miller + Baker is the first time we have written a story about a place that is both a flour mill and an excellent café and coffee house.

Miller + Baker is a place that exudes a friendly atmosphere while, at the same time, being deadly serious about their mission. We love the fact that they are serious about the sourcing of their grains. They only buy from WA farmers who are dedicated to preservation and improvement of the soil.

They also are serious about the freshness of the flour they use and their tag line is ” Milled Yesterday, Baked Today”.

They not only source fresh grains, they also mill them daily and turn the flour into extremely tasty breads, pastries and other delights. They source their grains from farmers who are dedicated to improving the biology of the soil and who are not using damaging chemical sprays on their crops – this is something that we have long been supporting and we applaud Miller + Baker for their approach here. One of their farmers, who supplies rye and triticale (a hybrid of rye and wheat) has a farm near Mollerin.

They also have a strong coffee program, sourcing their roasted beans from two of the best roasters in Perth.

There is bar seating in the window, a large share table behind and a few share tables outside as well.

Miller + Baker – The Food and Coffee

Our first visit to Miller + Baker came after a delayed flight from Hobart which was supposed to arrive at 10pm and ended up arriving after midnight. So the next morning we were definitely hanging out for a strong coffee and something restorative to eat.

The coffee on offer for espresso that morning was from Daylight Coffee Roasters. Of interest was the fact that they were offering a Bourbon from the Kaw Kaw District of Papua New Guinea which is in the rugged Eastern Highlands. On a trip to Brisbane a few weeks earlier we had had a similar experience and this confirmed that there are some very good beans being produced in this country now.

Our espresso was excellent. It was strong enough to provide a caffeine hit while still delivering an excellent, lingering flavour and a smoothness and roundness that was very satisfying.

We also decided to rehydrate with a Bazinga 100% Cold Press Juice from Squished Juice which was very restorative. We were very impressed with the length of flavour of the juice. Once again here is a company sourcing good, mainly local ingredients and turning them into juice carefully without destroying the essential enzymes or watering down the flavours.

While we were sipping our juice the two savoury dishes that we had ordered arrived at the table. The first was a Savoury Danish that had been topped with leeks, blue cheese, parsley and walnuts. This turned out to be an excellent combination with everything adding to the flavour yet nothing dominating. The texture of the dough was perfect. It was very light, yet there was enough “chew” to emphasise that real flour had been used.

Miller + Baker Danish Pastry

We also had a toasted ham and cheese sandwich which was also delicious.

We returned the next morning to try more of the pastries including a very good croissant and an excellent fruit galette. On this visit the coffee option was different, being made from naturally processed (our preferred option) beans from the northern area of Brazil (the state of Bahia in fact) in the mountainous region inland from the main city of Salvador. The beans varieties were red and yellow catuai and the roaster was the local Loaded Roasters.

We should also mention the music. Not many restaurants give a lot of thought to the music that is playing in the background (and we are not talking about places such as Automata in Sydney where Clayton takes music very seriously). Here we enjoyed an eclectic mix of music from the likes of Tomorrow’s Tulips (A Waste), the very talented Alexandra Savior (Howl), the strange, but interesting Kit Sebastian (Mantra Moderne) and the forever Donovan (Clara Clairvoyant).

It is pleasing to visit a location such as this that ensures that all aspects of their operation are treated with professionalism and dedication. They certainly deserve support and encouragement.

Additional information

Street: 6B/ 236 Lake St

Town/Suburb: Perth, 6000

Phone number: +61 403 962 297

Opening hours: Mon – Sat from 6:30am, Sun from 7:00am

You can read more about this venue on their Web site:

Miller + Baker