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Piña Potts Point – Great Breakfasts

PIÑA Potts Point – Introduction

PIÑA Potts Point is a real machine! The queue on a Saturday morning when we arrived in the pouring rain was extensive with everyone waiting patiently for their turn. The coffee beans are sourced from Mecca (we enjoyed both the espresso and the filter), the kitchen turns out choices from the extensive menu with professionalism and care and the staff are there with a smile.

On our recent visit to PIÑA we had been on the road for a while, and were missing fruit and yoghurt so we ordered that option as well as the scrambled eggs and toast that had been getting good press.

Our coffee (both the espresso and the filter) arrived very promptly and both were very good. The espresso gave us the caffeine hit and the filter was brewed to be mild and allowed all the nuances of the coffee to shine through. The coffee from the Mecca roastery is of top quality and you can also buy packets of the beans to take home if you wish.

Our PIÑA fruit and yoghurt represented seasonal fruits and all were quite delicious with the yoghurt being a welcome addition.


The scrambled eggs with toast dish was accompanied by a very tasty chilli sauce and a wedge of lemon. The dish looked attractive and was full of flavour and texture.


We enjoyed our time at PIÑA, because the food is very good, as is the coffee. We also observed that despite the length of the queu and the unsavoury weather, the staff were very attentive and very professional. They kept a close eye on the queue and did not give preference to anyone out of the order that they arrived.

Once we were seated the food arrived very promptly and was delicious. We look forward to future visits to PIÑA.

Additional information

Name: PIÑA

Street: 4/29 Orwell St

Town/Suburb: Potts Point, NSW 20118

Phone number: +61 432 445 342

Opening hours: Daily 7am – 3pm

You can find more information on the PIÑA Web site and also order takeways if you feel so inclined here.

We have included this venue in our story about where we eat in Sydney here.

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