Winestand Waltz – A Memorable Intimate Bar

Winestand Waltz – Introduction

Winestand Waltz is a tiny natural wine bar in Shibuya run by talented Yasuhiro Ooyama who has a deep knowledge of French and Japanese natural wines.

You will find it quite close to Ebisu station. You cross to a side street, walk along for a few hundred metres past some trees and then you see a well-lit pathway heading for a tiny bar and you have found your destination.

Don’t be afraid to enter Winestand Waltz if it looks full. The space only caters for about 8 people. However when we walked in, the customers (who all seemed to know the owner personally) were only too anxious to make some room for us and to ask the inevitable questions about whether we knew about natural wines – we get asked this a lot because we are often the oldest people in the room!

We were able to assure them that we were across the topic and were here to try some Japanese naturals. Everyone then joined in deep discussions with the owner about which of the wines on offer would be best for us to try.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time here exploring the Japanese natural wine offerings as well as some French ones. We also enjoyed the discussions with the locals which got even more animated when they found out which wines we import to Australia!

And there is an added bonus! The music here is cleverly chosen. While the owner is very keen on Bach he may also play the music of some local heroes such as Nobuyuki Nakajima or Umitaro Abe.

Additional information

Street: Ebisu 4-24-3, Shimada Building 1F

Town/Suburb: Shibuya

Town/Suburb: Tokyo, 150-0013

Phone number:

Opening hours: Mon – Sat 6pm – midnight

It is a good idea to check their Facebook page as opening hours have moved around a bit during the Covid pandemic.

Winestand Waltz

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