Ahiru Store – Beautiful food and rare wines

Ahiru Store – Introduction

Whenever we land in Tokyo one of our first destinations is the Shibuya district and the tiny wine bar called Ahiru Store. We try to get there early because it is one of the most popular natural wine bars in this busy city.

Ahiru Store

In fact, Ahiru Store is one of the hottest bars in Tokyo. They serve natural wines from France and other parts of Europe and even have a few Japanese natural wines. The rillettes that they serve have become famous.

There are a few seats at the bar and some barrels near the wall in front of the bar where you can organise a few plates and some glasses if you are settling in for a while.

The staff at Ahiru Store are very helpful especially once you have established your credentials by ordering something not too demanding (for example de Moor or Overnoy) such as the selection of the day by the glass which are (each time we have been here there have been multiple wines by the glass) always interesting.

Or you could order a bottle of wine from a clever, but not so well known producer, such as Olivier Cousin to establish your credentials (try his Groll’O for example).

But this is not just a place to sit (or stand) and drink – the food here is also very good. We have enjoyed the bread selection which is also available and the sausages, made each day by the proprietor, are also excellent.

Another hint is to arrive early because they open at 6pm every day except for Wednesday and Sunday. You can even book a table for sittings up to 6:30pm.

If you want to experience this place make sure that you arrive early and be prepared to queue.

We have also included Ahiru Store in our list of places to eat and drink at in Tokyo here.

There is a nice review of this location here.

1-19-4 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku.

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