Sézanne – A Fine Epicerie

Sézanne – Introduction

We were first alerted to the existence of this excellent epicerie in Colmar by our friend Jean Ginglinger who is one of our natural wine suppliers from the Alsace region. Coincidentally, the epicerie also sells a fine range of natural wines including those of the Ginglinger family.

It has now become a regular stopping point for us to stock up on the produce available here – everything they sell has been carefully selected and is always the best available whether it be food, packaged goods and drinks.

Unfortunately, the last time we called in they were no longer operating their first floor restaurant which we really liked and where we had enjoyed some excellent meals accompanied by some serious natural wines.

You will certainly thank yourself for taking the time to visit this excellent establishment. You will find here the best cheeses of France, the best food products and certainly many of the best natural wines.

Cheese display at Sezanne
Food shelves
Wine shelves

In the wine selection you may find such luminaries as Cantina Giardino, Catherine Riss, Daniel Sage, Domaine des Cavarodes, Jacques Selosse and many more.

Additional information

Name: Sezanne

Street: 30 Grand Rue

Town: Colmar, 68000

Telephone: +33 3 89 41 55 94

Opening hours: Tue – Sat

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