La Dilettante – Excellent Food and Wine

La Dilettante – Introduction

La Dilettante is a natural wine bar in the centre of the wine town of Beaune in Burgundy. The food here is simple but very tasty consisting of very good charcuterie, maybe a soup or a curry and some other items such as terrines.

It is best to go here for lunch as there is something about this place that lends itself to a midday meal. The menu is also more expansive at lunch with the addition of a daily special to the chalkboard options.

On our most recent visit we enjoyed a jamon persille terrine and a dish of lovely ripe tomatoes served with mozarella cheese followed by the daily special of braised chicken.

The wines are natural so expect locals such as Yann Durieux to be represented as well as others from further away. On our most recent trip we started with a glass of the delightful pet nat from Domaine Mosse, Moussamoussettes, followed by a bottle of the stunning Pinot Noir Steiner from Jean Ginglinger from Alsace.

You will know you have reached this wine bar which lies just outside the ramparts when you see the barrel outside the door which has one of the iconic carvings by talented Japanese wine geek, Ryota Yamashita depicting the owner’s face.

Additional information

Street: La Dilettante

Street: 11, rue du Faubourg Bretonniere

Suburb: Beaune, 21200

Phone number: +33 3 80 21 48 59

Opening hours: Open Mon – Fri

La Dilettante is also included in our summary of where to eat in France outside Paris which you can find here. You can also read a review on the Le Fooding web site which is in French but you can translate it easily using a standard translator.