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Catalan Cuisine by Colman Andrews

Colman Andrews has worked as a food journalist, a food critic (writing restaurant guides for Los Angeles), editor of the prestigious Saveur magazine and author of two of the best regional cookbooks it is possible to read.

Catalonia is the region of Spain that borders France and the Mediterranean - it has long been a quiet achiever in the culinary stakes but this book shines a light on the extraordinary diversity of the cuisine.

This is a typical Colman Andrews book - thoroughly researched, erudite, insightful and compelling to read.

Whether he is describing the origins or techniques for making allioli or arṛs negre or tripa a la Catalana the same thoroughness and judgement is brought to bear.

This is an ideal, authoritative resource for anyone wanting to explore this fascinating cuisine.

Colman Andrews is the author of The Flavours of the Riviera which is also included in this collection.

Note that a new version of the book has been released with ome updated information in it. You can buy the latest version by clicking on the link.

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Catalan Cuisine

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