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Dreamin’ Man: Amazing Coffee

Dreamin’ Man : Introduction

Dreamin’ Man is a tiny venue with only a few tables and stools, but it serves some of the best pour-over coffee and espresso cups in the city.

It is only a few minutes walk from the Place de la République in the rue Amelot which also is where you find the famous Clown Bar and, further along, Le Repaire de Cartouche where Rodolphe Paquin turns out some of the best terrines in France to accompany his deep cellar of natural wines.

The mood at Dreamin’ Man is genial, assisted by the likes of Neil Young or Lou Reed on the sound system. Of course even the name of the establishment comes from the Neil Young song on the Harvest Moon album released in 1992:

I’m a dreamin’ man yes,

that’s my problem

I can’t tell when I’m not being real

The barista and owner, Yiuchiro Sugiyama, formerly of the famous, highly Instagram-able Boot Cafe attends to the coffee with a precision and professionalism that is unsurpassed in Paris.

The coffee is sourced from roasters Five Elephant in Berlin which gives them access to some of the best coffee sources in countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kenya and Rwanda.

Also you must try the pastries and cookies made by his charming wife, Yui Matsuzaki. They truly are very special and change with the seasons. Imagine a slice of rhubarb tart with home made ice cream or a chocolate covered lamington or some other equally delicious treat.

Additional information

Name: Dreamin’ Man

Street: 140 rue Amelot

Suburb: Paris, 75011

Telephone: No phone

Opening hours: Mon – Sat 8:30 am – 6:30 pm

You can find more information on their Instagram page here.

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