Natural wine bars to visit in France

French natural wine bars – Introduction

We get so many requests for information about natural wine bars to visit in France that we thought it might be useful to summarise our thoughts about places to visit when you are touring around this great country. Here are a few of our favourites.

Paris – Aux Deux Amis

Aux Deux Amis is a long-lasting wine bar in the 11th arrondissement where food has always been a feature here and owner David Loyola seems to have a knack of finding the perfect chef for the style of food and the frenetic pace that it needs to be served at. There is always a few very on-point wines open to serve by the glass and their cellar is quite deep. Just look for the crowd on the footpath. 45 Rue Oberkampf, 75011 Paris.

Paris – Septime la Cave

Septime la Cave is part of the Septime empire and a perfect place to relax and have a natural wine while you are waiting for a table at either of their nearby restaurants, namely Septime and Clamato (which is a very good place if you are looking for somewhere to eat on a Sunday night or any other night of the week). 3 Rue Basfroi, 75011.

Paris – La Buvette

A more serine, but very appealing Paris bar is Camille Fourmont’s La Buvette, also in the 11th. Here you will be able to drink a glass of excellent white from, say, Provence producer Domaine les Terres Promises (Jean-Christophe Comor) to accompany Camille’s iconic snack made from large white beans. 67 Rue Saint-Maur, 75011.

Paris – La Verre Vole

If you take the pleasant walk along the Canal Saint-Martin you arrive at the much-feted La Verre Vole which is both a place to eat and a wine shop for interesting natural wines. In summer you might also be able to persuade them the lend you a couple of glasses and to take a bottle of wine out to the edge of the canal for a pleasant drink. 67 rue de Lancry, 75010.

Paris – L’Avant Comptoir de la Mer/Terre

Sitting next to each other in the sixth arrondissement are two tiny bars operated by the indefatiguable Yves Camdeborde. At l’Avant Comptoire de la Mer the snacks are based on product from the sea and at l’Avant Comptoir de la Terre they are from the land. The wines here are natural with some of the original great from the natural wine movement appearing on the lists such as Ganevat, Carmarans, Magnon, Senat, Arena, Lapierre, Pacalet and even the natural Champagne superstar Selosse. They are both at the same address and are clearly marked on the outside so you can approach the bar of your choice. 3, Carrefour de l’Odéon, 75006.

Delicatessen Cave/Place

Delicatessen Cave and Delicatessen Place are two adjacent venues run by the same owners where you can get some excellent food and also peruse the amazing natural wine collection they have for you to drink on the premises or to take away. We had a wonderful night here recently where the food was beautifully cooked and the wines to accompany our food were very well-chosen by the staff. 136 Rue Amelot, 75011.

Paris – Chambre Noir

Chambre Noir is a place we like to visit on every trip to France as the owners like to seek out new producers of natural wines as well as paying due reverence to the classics. It is in a pleasant location in the 11th, the home of natural wines, and every visit becomes a lesson in some aspect of natural wines. They have a bar at 4 Boulevard Jules Ferry, 75011 and a wine shop at 35, rue Folie-Mericourt, 75011.

Paris – Paul Bert

La Cave du Paul Bert is one of the bars that we frequent in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. This cave is run by the same people who own Bistrot Paul Bert and Le 6 Paul Bert just along the street.
The food here is very sharp. The selection of wines is impressive with many little known and old favourites from the natural wine world available. 16 rue Paul Bert, 75011.

Arbois – Bistrot des Claquets

In the Jura town of Arbois it is compulsory to visit the bar called Bistrot des Claquets for the famous lunch, and the great selection of local Jura wines where most of the people having lunch here will be local winemakers who pack the place out by a few minutes after 12 noon, so make sure you book a table if you want to eat here. The selection of natural wines is representative of the people you will find lunching here. 33 Rue de Faramand, 39600, Arbois.

Angers – Le Cercle Rouge

The Loire Valley offers some great dining and drinking experiences with Angers being a particularly fertile area for interesting experiences. One place you simply must visit for the “vibe” is Le Cercle Rouge in the very centre of the city. It is a great place to drop into for a snack and a glass of wine from their excellent selection of “naturals”. No doubt we will call in here even more often now that Joseph Mosse is one of the new owners! 4 Rue des 2 Haies, 49100, Angers.

Orleans – Les Becs à Vin

Another place we have a soft spot for is Les Becs à Vin in the Loire town of Orleans. This is a bar cum restaurant that serves interesting food and great natural wines. We once “crashed” a celebration there and thoroughly enjoyed a parmentier that had been made by the chefs especially for the occasion. However, on each visit we have thoughly enjoyed both the food and the wines. 8 Pl. du Châtelet, Orléans, 45000.

Montlouis sur Loire – Bar a Vins de Lise and Bertrand Jousset 

Another regular stop near Tours is Bar a Vins de Lise and Bertrand Jousset which is run by the eponymous winemakers. They make excellent natural wines and also run this lively bar which also provides interesting snacks. It is a place that attracts local winemakers. 36 Rue des Bouvineries, 37270 Montlouis-sur-Loire.

Troyes – Aux Crieurs de Vin

We have often called into the city of Troyes after a visit to our Champagne producers Champagne Piollot and Marie Courtin. Here there is an excellent bar serving natural wines and an associated bottle shop called Aux Crieurs de Vin which has an deep selection of wine and very tasty food. 4 Pl. Jean Jaurès, 10000 Troyes.

Troyes – Aux Crieurs de Vin Cave au Marche des Halles

The Cave of Aux Crieurs de Vin in Troyes is a great place to stock up on natural wine from throughout France. The cave is situated inside the central market building and is open whenever the market is open. The selection here is broad with some treasures to be found among the offerings. It is also possible to buy wines at their nearby restaurant if that is more convenient. Place de l’Hôtel de Ville, Troyes, 10000.

Tours – La Cave du Théâtre

La Cave du Théâtre is a small, yet interesting, natural/organic wine shop in the Loire city of Tours. Despite the fact that it is quite a confined space, there are some very intetesting wines here. We dropped in here on our most recent visit to Tours and came away with a couple of very interesting wines that we hadn’t tried before. 71 Rue de la Scellerie, 37000 Tours.

Lyon – Les Vins des Vivants

Le Vins des Vivants is both a wine store and a place where you can order a glass of natural wine and a snack. The wine selection is very impressive with many of the famous natural wine producers of France being represented here.

Producers such as the Mosse family, Julien Peyras, Domaine Valette, Pierre Beauger, La Roche Buissière, Le Temps des Cerises, Didier Grappe are all on the list. 6, place Fernand Rey, Lyon, 69001.

Poligny – Essencia

Essencia in the Jura village of Poligny specialises in just two items – natural wine and the very best of regional cheese. When you walk into this Aladdin’s cave run by Philippe Bouvret you will be surrounded by some of the finest natural wine of the Jura region and beyond. You will also be within reach of some of the finest Comte cheese we have ever eaten.

Natural wine enthusiasts will drool over the selection from local star and gentle giant, Jean Francois Ganevat and an equally impressive selection of the wines of Pierre Overnoy, Domaine de Montbourgeau and Jean Macle.

From further afield they stock the Alsace wines of Bruno Schueller, the biodynamic Beaujolais of Julie Blagny as well as those of Foillard, Coquelet, Ducroux, Lapalu, Metras and Descombes – not a bad line up! And if that doesn’t entice you, how about a Burgundy from Giradin or de Moor or Guillot or Dancer or Prieure Roch or Raveneau or the young, up-and-coming Vauthier or the ebullient Dominique Derain? We even spotted a Stephane Guion from Bourgueil in the Loire Valley.

It certainly is a treasure trove. The owner is passionate about his products and is keen to share his knowledge. Look for the Comte Vagne sign on the Route de Lons. 24, Place Notre Dame, Poligny, 39800.

Banyuls-Sur-Mer – Les 9 Caves

Les 9 Caves is partnership between 13 people, including nine winemakers (one is renowned winemaker Bruno Duchêne, who for the last couple of years has had a run project making a wine jointly with Nico Carmarans, whose wines we import) and the owners of the wonderful La Guinelle Banyuls vinegars, the best in the region. The winemakers have their cellars here – the building was once the cellars of the Cellier des Templiers, the local co-operative which makes 75% of Banyuls wine, which has expanded into huge modern cellars above Banyuls.

At Les 9 Caves they serve simple dishes, including some of France’s best charcuterie (e.g. Alain Grezes’ hams) and cheese, excellent tomato salads in summer and Collioure’s best anchovies, but you can also buy all sorts of excellent produce and plenty of wine, plus you might run into a local winemaker as a bonus. It’s a brilliant address if you’re picnicking or staying in self-contained accommodation.

They also regularly have concerts and other events which they advertise ahead of time so check their Facebook site if you’re planning to be in this region. They also have some accommodation so every base is covered. 56 avenue du Général de Gaulle, Banyuls-Sur-Mer, 66650.

Thiers – Le Brin de Zingue

Le Brin de Zingue is a relatively new cave and bar a vins in the Auvergne town of Thiers. They have over 350 natural wines on their ambitious list. 18 rue Camille Joubert, Thiers, 63300.

Pommard – Le Cie Fannie

La Cie Fanny is the bar/restaurant and accommodation run by winemaker Fanny Sabre in her village of Pommard where she also makes her wine.

We have enjoyed a number of very tasty meals here always accompanied by her delicious wines or wines of her friends such as Lisa and Bertrand Jousset from the Loire.

There are also a couple of pleasant tables outside on the footpath shaded by umbrellas where it is very convivial for a long lunch. 12 place de l’Europe, Pommard, 21630.

Strasbourg – Jour de Fete

Jour de Fete is a bar a vins and restaurant in Strasbourg that specialises in natural wine. Here you might find the wines of Ardeche producer Gregory Guillaume such as Louforose and Koforobe or the very precise Macon wines of Philippe Valette or even the exciting Italian wines from Contadino.

At a recent meal we enjoyed a Pinot Gris maceration wine from Julien Myer (the Fanny Elizabeth 2015) and a Hirotake Saint Peray. 6, rue Sainte Catherine,Strasbourg, 67000.

Beaune – La Dilettante

La Dilettante is a natural wine bar in the centre of the wine town of Beaune in Burgundy. The food here is simple but very tasty consisting of very good charcuterie, maybe a soup or a curry and some other items such as terrines.

It is best to go here for lunch as there is something about this place that lends itself to a midday meal. The menu is also more expansive at lunch with the addition of a daily special to the chalkboard options.
On our most recent visit we enjoyed a jamon persille terrine and a dish of lovely ripe tomatoes served with mozarella cheese followed by the daily special of braised chicken.

The wines are natural so expect locals such as Yann Durieux to be represented as well as others from further away. On our most recent trip we started with a glass of the delightful pet nat from Domaine Mosse, Moussamoussettes, followed by a bottle of the stunning Pinot Noir Steiner from Jean Ginglinger from Alsace.

You will know you have reached this wine bar which lies just outside the ramparts when you see the barrel outside the door which has one of the iconic carvings by talented Japanese wine geek, Ryota Yamashita depicting the owner in a Che Geuvara pose. 11, rue du Faubourg Bretonniere, Beaune, 21200.

Nice – La Part des Anges

La Part des Anges in central Nice is a bistro and wine bar as well as a place where you can buy bottles of wine to take away.

They have a strong philosophy relating to their wine offerings. They only sell wines where the grapes have been grown organically or biodynamically, where the fermentation is only carried out with “levures indigenes” – the yeasts that occur naturally in the vineyard and on the grapes and where no additives have been used in the winery except for a little sulphur, and they even highlight those that have had no sulphur added.

So, it is one of the places we head to when we need to replenish our wine supplies when we visit Provence. We can be sure to find some of the beautiful Macon wines from Domaine Valette or the good-value wines from La Roche Buissiere in the southern Rhone or the pure Alsace wines of Marc Kreydenweissn or the stunning wines from L’Anglore in Tavel to name but a few.

We have also enjoyed some simple, but good quality food here. 17 rue Gubernatis, Nice, 06000.

Nice – Le Canon

Le Canon in Nice is a great place to find expertly cooked food of great provenance and a stellar list of natural wines from throughout France chosen by owner Sébastien Perinetti. But it is more than a restaurant, you can also drop in here at any time to buy a bottle or two or three of wine from the well-stocked cellar. That is why we have included this restaurant in this survey as it is a convenient place to stock up on some very good natural wines when you are in the area.

The menu at lunch is basically a subset of the evening offerings. We decided to go in the evening to take advantage of the extra dishes, plus the opportunity to relax over one or two bottles from the great wine selection.

We started with some freshly shucked oysters that were some of the best we have eaten in France. They were quite large and were very briny – tasting of the sea. This was a great start to our meal.

Our next dish was a light stew of very tasty clams cooked with chickpeas – a legume for which the Nicoise have a particular affection. This dish was cooked very precisely with the clams just being cooked through and the chickpeas being soft but not overcooked.

We also shared a lovely dish of veal brains served on slices of cooked apple. The acidity in the apple being a good foil for the creaminess of the brains.

These dishes were washed down with a bottle of Blanc du Casot from Le Casot des Mailloles. This wine qas made just south of Collioure by Ghislaine Magnier and Alain Castex and is a particular favourite.

A chicken dish saw two large pieces of perfectly cooked chicken of very good provenance served on a bed of creamy polenta surrounded by a deeply-flavoured sauce that was not too reduced. This was a very satisfying dish.

We also ordered a creamy risotto which was made with Carnaroli rice from Riserva San Massimo which is just below Milano in the Pavia district of Italy. This was served with some lovely mountain snails which provided contrast to the creaminess of the rice.

These two dishes paired seamlessly with a Beaujolais wine from Michel Guignier called Oh! This is a light, refreshing wine that does not dominate the food.

We finished the meal with a pot of yoghurt and a slice of chocolate tart that were both delicious but light and ethereal.

We are definitely looking forward to another visit here soon either for a meal or just to buy some wines to take away from there well-stocked cellar. 23, rue Meyerbeer, Nice, 06000.

Strasbourg – Au Fil du Vin Libre

Au Fil du Vin Libre is a natural wine store in the Alsace city of Strasbourg. This is a very serious store with a stellar line up of the stars of the natural wine world. Walk in here and you will see wines from local luminaries such as Pierre Frick, Audrey and Christian Binner as well as Domaine Julien Meyer. From further afield they stock the wines of Domaine de la Cadette in Vezelay, Nicolas Vauthier from Irancy, Michel Guignier from Fleurie, l’Octavin from Arbois in the Jura, Nicolas Carmarans from the Aveyron and Axel Prufer from the Languedoc.

Walk into the second room and you will find row after row of boxes stacked four or five high. This is a room groaning under the weight of one of the best selections of natural wine in France.

The owner is both knowledgeable and engaging. If you are uncertain what to buy, tell him the style of wine that you like and he will be able to suggest wines from his vast collection that should appeal to you.
This is a carefully selected collection of wine and certainly worth visiting if you are in Strasbourg. 26, Quai des Bateliers, Strasbourg, 67000.

Angers – Cave Saint Aubin

Cave Saint Aubin shows that you have to be ever vigilant when tracking down natural wines. We have visited Angers many times and have enjoyed the city because it is surrounded by producers of natural wine such as the Carrogets from Domaine de la Paonnerie, Rene and Agnes Mosse, Nicolas Joly and many more.

However it took us many visits to find Cave Saint Aubin, a tiny wine shop on rue Saint Aubin.

We were amazed when we walked in and were presented with an array of natural wine luminaries such as Fanny Sabre, Casot des Mailloles, La Ferme des Caudalies, Alexander Bain, Bruno Rochard and Domaine Marechal among many others.

The owner is very helpful and eager to explain as much as you want to know about each producer. 25 rue Saint Aubin, Angers.

Marseille – Epicerie l’ideal

Epicerie l’ideal in Marseille serves informal lunches (sandwiches, salads, etc) and is a perfect place for stocking up for cooking in your holiday home or apartment or for a lunch at one of the tables inside oor outside on the footpath. Nardin anchovies and other good quality tinned seafood, Bordier butters and yoghurt, Memmi poutargue (bottarga), La Guinelle Banyuls vinegar, charcuterie from France and Italy (including lardo de Colonnata), good fruit and vegetables, a good range of Japanese, north African and Italian products and even some natural wines, including Domaine Milan, which we import, and the cult Austrian wines from Gut Oggau. It’s a food lover’s fairy land. 11 rue d’Aubagne, Marseille, 13001.

Clermont Ferrand – Caves Tissandier

Caves Tissandier is an interesting wine shop in the Auvergne city of Clermont-Ferrand. First impressions might lead you to believe that they favour the classics – and you can certainly buy many of the great wines of France here. However look closer and you will see many of the most interesting natural wines standing shoulder to shoulder with the classics.

They also pay due homage to local winemakers with many wines from the Auvergne scattered through the selection. 10 Boulevard Desaix, Clermont-Ferrand, 63000.

Vaison la Romaine – Le Bonheur Poursuit Son Cours

Le Bonheur Poursuit Son Cours in the pretty Romanesque village of Vaison-la-Romaine in Vaucluse serves interesting dishes that are not at all pretentious to accompany the very well-chosen selection of biodynamic and natural wines.

They have some of the more interesting ‘new’ wines of France. We go there to buy the silky Syrah of Herve Souhart from the Ardeche, the fabulous natural wines of Domaine Gramenon or the Breton’s great reds from the Loire. They even have Drappier zero dosage Champagne!

And speaking of this Champagne, we dropped in for a quick lunch recently and started with a glass of the zero-dosage Drappier. It was excellent! Bracingly acidic, but with a lovely yeasty, creamy mouthfeel. And the food was as pleasant as ever. A tartare of organic beef was presented with a well-dressed lettuce salad on one side and fried potato crisps on the other. The tartare had lots of capers chopped through and a bottle of Tabasco was served on the side for additional spice. Our other dish was a Saucisse Grillee which was a nicely-flavoured, dense sausage served in the same manner as the tartare but with mustard and tomato sauce on the side.

For dessert we enjoyed a strawberry soup (being late April the famous Carpentras strawberries are readily available and had ripened beautifully in the warm weather) and a technically perfect crème brulée.
This is how we like to eat in France. Simple food done well and a choice of natural wines is as good as it gets.

A few more words about the wine list. The wines are all classified by their level of commitment to natural vineyard management. There is one smiley face if they are in conversion, two if they are organic and three if they are biodynamic or practice cosmoculture (such as Viret). Wines are awarded a ‘sun’ symbol if they are ‘sans soufre’ at 20 milligrams per litre or less and two symbols if they are less than 10 milligrams per litre. 20 Cours de Taulignan, Le Bonheur Poursuit Son Cours, 84110.

Saumur – Aux Saveurs de la Tonnelle

Aux Saveurs de la Tonnelle is a lovely wine store in the Loire city of Saumur. It specialises in natural wines from small producers and always is well stocked with current and past vintages. The proprietor here knows his wines well and can be relied upon to select interesting wines if you put yourself in his hands. We always make a point of visiting this store when we are in Saumur to check out new players in the market. 4, rue de la Tonnelle, Saumur, 49400.

Chinon – La Cave Voltaire

La Cave Voltaire is a small natural wine shop in the old part of Chinon a couple of blocks from the centre. It deals only in natural wines and the proprietor is passionate about the wines he sells, most of which are from the central Loire.

When you look around the shelves you will see the refined Chinon wines of Pascale and Beatrice Lambert, the piercing Muscadets of Jo Landron, the Baumard Coteau du Layon, the elegant wines of Domaine Breton and many cuvees from Bernard Baudry. There are a few from further afield such as a Domaine du Pech from Buzet in the south-west.

There are also simple snacks available here to accompany a glass of something interesting. There is a charcuterie plate and a cheese platter. An accompanying salad had a beautiful dressing which was made more complex and interesting by being dusted with brewers yeast.

This is a very good wine shop run by a passionate enthusiast for natural wines. 13 Rue Voltaire, 37500 Chinon.

Bédarieux – Chai Christine Cannac

Chai Christine Cannac shows that even in the hills of the Languedoc you can find interesting bars devoted entirely to natural wines. In the small village of Bédarieux which is about an hour inland and south west of Montpelier, Christine Cannac has set up a bar/restaurant devoted to local snacks served with interesting wines from the local region as well as some from further away.

The wines of local winemaker Axel Prüfer can be found here along with those of Francois Aubry and Jean-Francois Coutelou. From further away there are the Ardeche wines of Domaine du Mazel, the northern Rhone wines of Domaine Dard et Ribo, the Cairanne offerings of Marcel Richaud and the lovely Tavel wines of Eric Pfifferling from Domaine de l’Anglore among many others in this exciting selection. 3 Sq. Robert Schuman, Bédarieux, 34600.

Toulouse – Le Temps de Vendanges

Toulouse can lay claim to a wine bar with one of the best selections of natural wines you are likely to find. It is called Le Temps des Vendanges. Here you can enjoy a bottle of interesting wine while snacking on simple, but delicious, light food. The owner has an encyclopaedic knowledge of natural wines and is keen to promote their cause.

But back to the wines. Heading the list is the Jacques Selosse including the hard-to-find ‘Substance’, followed by a stellar line up including Jacques Lassaigne, Vouette et Sorbée, Jérôme Prévost, André and Michel Drappier and Ulysse Collin.

Domaines Overnoy and Ganevat represent the Jura, there is a stellar Loire line-up including Domaine Mosse, Domaine Thierry Puzelat, Domaine du Moulin and the hard-to-find Domaine Xavier Caillard Génèse from Saumur but labelled as Vin de Table. From Burgundy, Domaine Alice et Olivier de Moor takes its place alongside the wonderful Domaine de la Cadette with their Melon de Bourgogne. Philippe Pacalet wines from Pommard are there as are Domaine Valette from Macon and a stellar line-up from Beaujolais including Yvon Métras, Marcel Lapierre and Jean Foillard.

It was difficult to choose a wine. The owner eventually recommended a wine from Collioure, that beautiful seaside town near the Spanish border. We tried a Bruno Duchene red and were very pleased with his recommendation. 9 Place de l’Estrapade, Toulouse, 31300.

Chassignolles – Auberge de Chassignolles

Auberge de Chassignolles lies at almost 1000 metres above sea level in the mountains south of the city of Clermont-Ferrand in the heart of the Auvergne. You drive up through winding, mountainous, forested roads to reach this tiny hamlet.

The Auberge nestles comfortably in the square of the tiny village opposite a solidly-built and very old (11th century?) church. The welcome here is warm and friendly, the food delicious and the natural wine selection excellent. What more could one ask for?

You will be served a meal that is unfussy but truly memorable. The vegetables are grown in their extensive garden which is only a very short walk from the hotel. Just walk across the square, say hello to the goats, then to the pigs and beyond you will find row upon row upon row of vegetables that are sensitive to the season.

And while you enjoy your meal you will be able to choose from some wonderful local natural wines (it would be crazy to serve anything else when so much care is taken to serve organic food here). We usually start with a local Festejar sparkling wine, one of the best sparkling wines from the Auvergne area. We just love this wine.

The breakfasts here are also most enjoyable with the bread sourced from a village down the road and house-made preserves, eggs, sliced meats and other excellent products laid out for you to get the day started. Le Bourg, Chassignolles, 43440.

Valaire – L’Herbe Rouge

L’Herbe Rouge is a restaurant and wine bar in the Touraine region of France in the small, remote village of Valaire, serving good, honest country food and lovely natural wines from the surrounding regions of the Loire.

We usually arrive here after a trip through country roads from the town of Chenonceau with its fabulous chateau that almost spans the Cher River or from the city of Blois if we are heading southwards.

On arriving in Valaire we park under the trees lining the river that flows past the restaurant and then head for the outside shared tables which are usually populated with winemakers such as Herve Villemade or Thierry Puzelat.

We usually read the menu while we enjoy a crisp white Cheverny from leading natural winemaker Herve Villemade (maybe made with the very rare Romorantin grape) or one of the delicious wines from Puzelat, before enjoying a slice of excellent foie gras and a slice of onglet steak. We might accompany this with a red made from Pineau d’Aunis which is a perfect accompaniment for steak, espeically if it is made by star natural wine producer Jean-Pierre Robinot. This is a very relaxing venue to enjoy local wines and interesting food. Le Bourg (off rue de Saint Marc), Valaire, 41120.

Gaillac – Vigne en Foule

Vigne en Foule is named after a very old method of close planting grape vines that has long since been abandoned in France. This pleasant bistro in the centre of Gaillac serves up very smart food at amazing prices. The wine list highlights the growing number of natural wine makers in south west France and beyond.

When you walk from the pleasant central square you will notice jars of preserved grapes above the kitchen – these are examples of ancient varieties from the area that the owners are trying to restore to their former glory (Gaillac was one of the most beloved wine producing areas in Europe centuries ago).

So much attention is being given to varieties such as Braucol, Duras, Ondenc, Prunelard, Jurancon, Alicante and many of the other varieties that were being pulled up in favour of the international varieties such as Chardonnay and Shiraz.

The wine list however explores more widely than Gaillac with old favourites such as the wines of Domaine Derain, Chateau Cambon, Thierry Puzelat, Domaine de Belliviere, Gilles and Catherine Verge, Domaine Gramenon and Jean Foillard gracing the list. 80 place de la Liberation, Gaillac, 81600.

We have also a list of restaurants and other venues to visit outside Paris here.