Bistrot des Claquets – Warm hospitality

Bistrot des Claquets – Introduction

Bistrot des Claquets is a charming restaurant/bistro in the pretty Jura village of Arbois. It has a number of attractions. First it opens from early in the morning till late at night. Second it serves very good, hearty food that is a cut above average for country France. Last it has a great range of local (Jura) and other natural wines including those of Michel Gahier and Tony Bornard.

The service is charming as an added bonus.

Lunch starts with diners selecting their first course from some buffet items laid out on a table at the back of the restaurant. This always includes a beautiful terrine and some light salads. You take what you would like to eat remembering that your main course is coming soon.

Selection for entree at Claquets

Then comes the dish of the day which might be a slab of smoked pork served with chips and a salad or roast lamb with vegetables followed by a simple dessert such as an apple crumble or similar.

The food is, indeed, very satisfying and not at all fussy.

It should be noted that you can book a table for lunch, but reservations are by telephone only (or by walking in). It is worth remembering that this is a very popular venue so booking a table is a very good idea.

You can find more information about this venue here.

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Additional information

Name: Le Bistrot des Claquets

Street: 33 place Faramand

Suburb: Arbois, 39600

Phone number: +33 3 84 66 04 19

Opening hours: Open 8am – 9pm Tue – Sat, lunch only.

Reservations: Reservations by telephone only

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