Hong Kong

The Chairman – Exciting Cantonese Food

The Chairman – Introduction

We have enjoyed watching the rise and rise of the Chairman in Hong Kong, having eaten at the Canberra version of the same restaurant on many occasions in the early 1990s when we were doing IT work in Canberra!

We didn’t even realise that there was a connection till well after we started dropping into the Hong Kong version and then returning due to the quality of the food, particularly dishes such as the the steamed flowery crab with ShaoXing rice wine.

We eventually found out that Danny Yip was the owner and that he had sold his Canberra restaurant to set up an IT Company in Hong Kong. Eventually he sold it to fund the purchase of the Hong Kong version of the Chairman and this is the restaurant we have enjoyed visiting many times over the years that it has been operating.

We can thoroughly recommend it.

Additional information

Street: 3rd Floor, The Wellington, 198 Wellington St

Town/Suburb: Central,

Town/Suburb: Hong Kong

Phone number: +852 2555 2202

Opening hours: Lunch and dinner daily

You can peruse the daily menu on their Web site here.