Néron Glacier – Fine Sorbets and Pastries

Néron Glacier – Introduction

Néron Glacier in the city of Nice is a great place to sample fine sorbets and excellent pastries made by Louis Dubois who displays his name proudly above the door to this delightful establishment.

Neron Glacier

He originally honed his skills at the Ritz in Paris and also working with Pierre Gagnaire before moving to Nice and running a restaurant prior to opening his popular glacier.

You will find this venue in the Place Saint-François, which is quite close to the Boulevard Jean Jaurès, which, in turn, defines the boundary of Vieux Nice. You can easily find it by heading to the Cours Saleya where the famous market is held and then heading north through the narrow streets of the old town.

When you reach this alluring venue you can either sit at on e of the seats provided or you can take your chosen sorbet away (or buy one in a glass jar for eating later).

The Web site for Néron Glacier is worth a close look because you will realise how serious they are about the produce that they use. For example, one of the phrases describing the ingredients is “Le moins de sucre possible” which translates to “as little sugar as possible”. The less sugar that is used then the more that the chosen fruit is able to express the natural flavours.

The flavours vary from season to season as many of the sorbets are made from fresh local, seasonal fruit. They use nuts from neighbouring Piedmont and they even make their own cornets (cones) to place the ices in.

To stabilise the ices they even use a natural flour made from flax.

You can read more about their work on their Web site here.

Additional information

Street: Néron Glacier

Street: 15 Place Saint-François

City: 06300, Nice

Country: France

Phone number: +33 4 89 22 34 39

Opening hours: Open daily 9:30 – 23:00

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