Les 9 Caves – Great wine, nice food

Les 9 Caves – Introduction

Les 9 Caves started out as a partnership between 13 people, including nine winemakers (one is renowned winemaker Bruno Duchêne, who for the last couple of years has had a run project making a wine jointly with Nico Carmarans, whose wines we import) and the owners of the wonderful La Guinelle Banyuls vinegars, the best in the region (which we also import to Australia).

The winemakers have their cellars here – the building was once the cellars of the Cellier des Templiers, the local co-operative which makes 75% of Banyuls wine, which has expanded into huge modern cellars above Banyuls.

At Les 9 Caves they serve simple dishes, including some of France’s best charcuterie (e.g. Alain Grezes’ hams) and cheese, excellent tomato salads in summer and Collioure’s best anchovies, but you can also buy all sorts of excellent produce and plenty of wine, plus you might run into a local winemaker as a bonus. It’s a brilliant address if you’re picnicking or staying in self-contained accommodation.

They also regularly have concerts and other events which they advertise ahead of time so check their Facebook site if you’re planning to be in this region. They also have some accommodation, so every base is covered.

Additional information

Street: 56 avenue du Général de Gaulle

Town/Suburb: Banyuls-sur-Mer, 66650

Phone number: +33 4 68 36 22 37

Opening hours:

You can check on their Web site for any variations in opening hours due to holidays etc, here.

You can read about a winemaker we import from this region here, and a woman who makes beautiful natural vinegars that we also import here.

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