Hareruya Pantry – Perfect Ice creams

Hareruya Pantry – Introduction

Hareruya Pantry is a wonderful addition to the food scene in Melbourne and is another venue for us to regularly visit along with 279 and Le Bajo which share the same owner (Kantaro Okada) along with Leonie Upstairs which shares the same address as Hareruya Pantry. 279 is a shared ownership between Kantaro and Austin Allen who provides the coffee expertise and enthusiasm which the entire staff seems to have adopted!

The love for these venues started with 279 in Victoria Street which we have also written about for this site and which you can read about here. You will often find us having an early morning coffee or grazing on delicious musubi where the rice balls are perfectly cooked and then enhanced with additional flavourings such as shiso leaf, salted kelp, grilled mackerel or ume plum.

Hareruya Pantry is a very different place to 279. At Hareruya you can line up to try the unbelievably delicious ice creams that are based on Japanese flavours and served on or in Japanese inspired edible wrappings/”cones”.

It is also a place where you can buy take-away prepared lunches or snacks which can be eaten immediately over the road in Lincoln Square South where there are plenty of tables and benches for you to enjoy while eating your takeaway.

Thee ice cream menu that we are so enamoured of is shown below.

We really enjoyed the Shiro Goma (white sesame) and the other Ume Mint (sour plum) on our recent visit. One was served on (in?) a monaka to form a sandwich while the other was served in a cup. The flavour of each was delightful.

You can also buy takeaway food that is ready to eat and enjoy Lincoln Square South which is immediately across the road from the venue. There is plenty of seating available for you to enjoy the sunshine while eating your meal or your ice cream.

Additional information

Name: Hareruya Pantry

Street: Ground floor, 15-17 Lincoln Square South

Suburb: Carlton, 3053

Opening hours: Open 10:30am – 10:30pm daily

You can read more about Hareruya Pantry here. We have also included it in our story about good places to eat in Melbourne here, as this venue is well worth a diversion!