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Gauge – An Enticing Restaurant

Gauge Brisbane – Introduction

Gauge is a very good restaurant in South Brisbane that we have enjoyed on a number of occasions including a quite recent trip prior to the latest lockdown.

On this recent trip we were looking forward to our weekend lunch booking as we were meeting up with long-time friends who we had worked closely with in our IT business for almost thirty years. During that time we had shared hundreds of meals and many, many bottles of wine as well as many long days working on complex IT issues.

Our friends have had a very strong influence on our wine drinking for which we have been forever grateful. We both went through the normal trajectory in the 70s and 80s drinking heavy Australian reds, particularly those from Rutherglen and surrounding areas. It didn’t matter if we were eating steak or a delicate dish of flounder – a big red was inevitably the accompaniment.

Well, our friends mainly drank white wine and introduced us to some very interesting examples including Vilmart Champagne, Kistler and Au Bon Climat whites from California and the Chardonnay from Phillip Jones from Bass Phillip in Victoria. What we didn’t appreciate at the time is that many of the wines we were being introduced to were natural or on their way to being natural. We have never looked back and our wines of choice fall into the white/orange/light red categories still.

But back to Gauge. This is a perfect place for a long Saturday lunch so we approached the restaurant with anticipation.

Gauge Brisbane – The Food

The lunch turned out just as we had hoped, long enough to be special for an extended lunch with our friends and balanced enough that we could still eat dinner!

At the time of writing this brief story, Brisbane is in lockdown and Gauge is only serving take home food and wine.

Hopefully the photos of this very delicious lunch might inspire someone to click on @gauge.Brisbane’s profile and be tempted to order what sounds like a brilliant takeaway menu.

There are so many good things here – especially the barbequed sugarloaf cabbage with beer sauce – so much flavour in those greens garnishing the dish. And who can resist fried school prawns.

Here are some of the dishes where the photographs were OK.

Gauge Menu
The Gauge Lunch Menu
Fried School Prawns

For this dish the prawns were cooked to crispy perfection and the vivid green sauce shown below was perfect.

Dill Emulsion for the Prawns
Sugarloaf Cabbage, Beer Sauce under and Sour Turnip on the right

There was so much flavour in this dish of cabbage which had been cooked on the BBQ.

Short Rib and Beetroot

The beef rib was meltingly tender.

Additional information

Street: 77 Grey St

Town/Suburb: South Brisbane, 4101

Phone number: +61 7 3638 0431

Opening hours: Dinner Wed – Sat from 5pm, Lunch Sat from 12:30pm

You can read more about Gauge by visiting their Web Site below:

Gauge Web Site