Judy Rodgers

Judy Rodgers is one of our favourite chefs. We have been drawn towards Zuni Café for many, many years.

Sometimes when we arrive in San Francisco we have already developed a pact between us not to go to Zuni. Our logic is that we have been there so many times that we will miss the opportunity to find a new 'hot' location.

However, we always end up dropping in for either a snack or a meal. This is because there is so much serious cooking going on here that we just cannot imagine missing out on seeing what Judy Rodgers is currently doing in her exciting kitchen.

But it is not just her cooking which is exemplary. Her writing is also something to be treasured. She has a wonderful way with words. She can set the scene for a recipe with well-chosen words that we would never have thought to put together. Her writing reminds us of the occasional bon mots of her peer on the other side of the Atlantic, Fergus Henderson.

Fergus asks us to chop parsley until 'it is disciplined'. Judy asks us to 'strive for imperfection' when we are cutting rag pasta.

Whatever recipe you read of hers you will be sure to gain more insight into the art of cooking.


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