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The information contained on this web site has been carefully checked for accuracy at the time of publication. However the publishers cannot be held responsible for any information which is not accurate. They do not accept any responsibility or liability for any claims arising out of the descriptions or information supplied. You are advised to phone the recommended places and check their opening hours and other details prior to a visit.

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane have set up a business called Living Wines. They now import natural wines to Australia from France and supply a number of restaurants throughout Australia including some that are reviewed on this site.

Since becoming involved in the natural wine movement, the authors have found heavily extracted, high alcohol, oak-matured wines with chemical additives less and less appealing so they now seek out restaurants that offer natural wines for their diners.

This means that in cities around the world they are more likely to review restaurants that offer natural wines, because they believe that such restaurants are more likely to serve food and wine that fits their view of stewardship of the earth and the benefits of food and wine that reflect the terroir in which they were grown.

The restaurants which have been reviewed and which buy wines from Living Wines are indicated by a short statement at the bottom of the review in the interests of transparency.

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