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Mediterranean Cookery by Claudia Roden

Mediterranean Cookery by Claudia Roden was first published in the late nineteen eighties to accompany a BBC television series, this has become one of the classics of Mediterranean cooking.

The book begins with a long section explaining the ingredients and products of the region. It then moves through the important local dishes ranging from Morocco to Turkey around to Provence and Spain.

There are times when we question some of the recipes. The use of rum in a Provencal tapenade is idiosyncratic even if it is from a restaurant in Marseilles. However the Insalata Caprese is refined and restrained. And her recipe for Nicoise salad eschews the use of cooked vegetables including potato which is much closer to the traditional method of preparing this vexatious dish.

The Sicilian Cipolline in Agrodolce is a very simple, yet great example of the juxtaposition of sweet and sour flavours beloved of that island.

The little side-bars with explanations of local wines are probably too short to be useful.

Recipes for most of the great dishes are included such as Imam Biyaldi, Gazpacho Andaluz, Pissaladière, Chakchouka, Harira, Bourride, Bisteeya, Hünkâr Beğendi and Couscous.

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Mediterranean Cookery

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