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Ettie's, Hobart

Published 24th November 2016 | News

Ettie's Restaurant Hobart

Ettie's is a new bar and restaurant in the Hobart CBD established by the successful team of Carl Windsor and James Kingston from Willing Bros in North Hobart. They have assembled a vibrant team for this venture including chef Vlad Panevin formerly of Garagistes and Templo, talented sommelier Alice Chugg formerly of Aloft and restaurant manager Nicky Harris who has served us on many occasions at Franklin.

There is a space at the front for sitting and sipping either at the wide bar or on one of the comfortable chairs or couches. This area also contains racks of wines which you can consume on the premises or buy to take home. The restaurant space is very comfortable and the food is very appealing being rooted in French classics.

The photo above is of Ettie Rout who the restaurant is named after. Her fascinating story will be included in our more detailed review of the food when we post it soon.

100 Elizabeth St, Hobart

Sushi Ya - Tokyo

Published 28th January 2016 | Review

Sushi Ya in Tokyo

Sushi ya is one of our favourite sushi restaurants in the city of Tokyo. The chef, Takao Ishiyama, is an expert in choosing the very freshest seafood and his knife skills and hand techniques are exemplary.

With at least 26 individual morsels, each absolutely delicious, it's hard to choose what to write about.

Of course everything was meticulous but it was exciting as well, completely unexpected at times, extremes of textures and a rollercoaster of subtle to intense seasoning. Such respect..

Some of the dishes that we were served are explained in the more detailed review.

Read more about Sushi Ya

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